The « PCU Québec » Logo is Now a Jewel!

It has always been important for me to demonstrate that having phenylketonuria is not a weakness or a problem, but a unique asset, a strength, a way of life. We are aware of our health, make informed food choices, we consume lots of vegetables and fruits, in short we are great. 🙂

With this concept in mind, I created the logo of « Phénylcétonurie Québec », an icon symbolizing strength (who does not know Superman?). It was noticed by the « Fée des Geekettes », a French artist who contacted me to use it and decline it in the form of jewelry! Indeed, the image of « PCU Québec » is now available in France in the form of bracelets, necklaces, magnets, brooches, etc.

They were sold in preview at the Annual Congress of the « Association des Feux Follets » on October 22-23. I am very happy to have participated (a little bit) in this creation.

You can see all the Super PCU (PKU) creations from the Fée des Geekettes here. I also encourage you to follow and share her Facebook page.

I want to thank her and the « Association des Feux Follets » for contacting me and collaborating with me so that these jewels can see the light and give them visibility! It was an honor for me. I invite you to click here to see some photographs that were taken at their last congress.

Les Feux Follets: national association [France] created in 1995 and grouping more than 300 members. The objectives of the association are essentially to help, support and advise families affected by an inherited metabolic disorder, especially phenylketonuria (PKU).


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