The Wind of Change Blows on the « PCU Quebec » Website!

We are now in 2017 and the Rare Disease Day is fast approaching! It will indeed take place on February 28th.

Since my goal has always been to present phenylketonuria in a positive light and to as many people as possible, I decided to make some changes in my information sharing tactics.

With this in mind, I have completely redesigned the structure of my website and, above all, translated a large part of my articles into English! The idea is to allow more people to read my articles and share ideas with us!


Some important notes:

  • The structure of the site is no longer in the form of a list of articles but rather focuses on the different resources available and on the ease of accessing them.
  • It is easy to select items in the language of your choice thanks to the menu on the left.
  • There are now several different access points to join the social platforms of Phenylketonuria Québec (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
  • The static pages of the site are now bilingual: they start in French, but a link at the top of the page makes it possible to reach the English text quickly.
  • Subscribers to my Facebook page will see little or no difference as the vast majority of my future publications will be targeted by language, according to the shared article.

The content and my objective will not change: I will continue to share my ideas and reflections with you, post pictures of all kinds, discuss with you and reply to your comments.

However, I will also try to broadcast more videos and I will also leave the pencil to other members of our community from time to time. So, do not hesitate to contact me if you want to contribute!

Hope you’ll find my blog as interesting as it has always been!

~ T

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