It’s Sunday, let’s run!

Physical activity is absolutely essential, whether you have PKU or not. A simple brisk walk of 20 minutes daily can make all the difference on your health. As far as I’m concerned, sport is part of my life, I could not do without it. Phenylketonuria can not be an obstacle.

Today, I am heading to the gym to do a quick little training, but that will have great results. Since it’s winter and it’s currently … (opens WeatherMedia to check the temperature…) as it’s currently -4 degrees Celsius, surely I will not run outside. Running in « slush » and snow is not my cup of tea.

My training on this beautiful sunny Sunday:

  • 20 minutes of running on a treadmill
  • 2 x
    • 15 squats
    • Plank, 1 minute
    • 10 burpees

The trick is to perform the exercises one after the other without taking a break. The training should therefore last approximately 30 minutes.

Do you like sport? What physical activity do you practice?
~ T

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