The problem with moving

In Quebec, July 1st of course marks Canada Day, but also a special day. Quebeckers will joke that it’s also « moving day ». Indeed, it is the time of year when it seems that all Quebeckers have given themselves the word to move at the same time.

Sometimes we have to make a large move, for example when we move from an apartment to a house. The apartment quickly becomes a hell of boxes and paper bubbles a few days before D-day. But the biggest problem in all of this, at least in my case, is that for several days we considerably reduce the amount of food available in the refrigerator and put food without protein in a box.

It becomes really tempting to go to the restaurant…

I recently experienced this little problem and, with a little backwardness, it seems to me that my plan could have been better planned to deal with this situation.

  • Prioritize my food with low protein levels (keep these boxes for the end).
  • Better manage my hunger by taking formulas in a somewhat more strategic way.
  • Opt more often for pre-cut vegetables bought at the grocery store.
  • Plan a small strategic order for foods with low protein levels 2 or 3 weeks before the move.

What would have been your tips?

~ T

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