Run. Drink. Relax. Repeat.

It’s hot outside. Time slows down. My muscles, used at full capacity (or almost), begin to be sore. With a quick gesture, I increase the volume of my headphones by a few levels. It is well recognized that music has a positive impact on physical training!

I finally stop after 4 kilometers of racing, satisfied to have made the journey I planned without too much trouble. Indeed, I have established a few courses of different lengths (3 km, 4 km, 5 km and 10 km) in order to alternate the workouts effectively. Catching my breath, I look at my smartphone where the Nike+ Run app tells me the statistics of my race. Hmm … not too bad.

As my run is well thought out, it ended just a few meters from my door and I can walk a bit to rest. I still have a few minutes to absorb a dose of protein that will complement my routine. … Oh no, it’s true, I have phenylketonuria!

No problem, I recently got the Restore powder from Cambrooke. This is a formula for PKuers which, once mixed with water, looks a lot like Gatorade. (It also contains electrolytes and vitamin B.) But what’s even better is that it contains 5 g of proteins.

Note that it is not mandatory at all; the important thing is to be active every day or to practice a sport that we like. 🙂 It is also essential to start slow.

Do not forget to consult your dietitian before you start taking a new formula.


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