It’s 5:10 pm. I walk down the corridors of a subway in downtown Montreal after a long day of work, ready to go home to prepare a low-protein supper. But this corridor in question is a strategic artery for storekeepers. Indeed, they know very well that, like me, all professionals working downtown will have to pass by before taking the bus or the subway. So they have wisely planted their restaurants and convenience stores all over our path …

5h12 pm, I passed without too much difficulty the first batch of restaurants, but another is cut out on the horizon and, unfortunately, my belly starts to gurgle. And there I begin to think; Yes, that’s normal. It is almost 5:15 pm, the last time I ate, it was noon! I may be hungry.

It is at this critical moment that the temptation to cheat can become very strong. Will I get through the entire corridor of restaurants to my bus without giving in to the temptation? Hunger is a curious and very powerful phenomenon. When one is very hungry, it looks like several brain systems that control reason are taking the edge. It becomes an enormous effort to respect our diet.

Do you recognize yourself in this situation?

Obviously, the best trick to avoid it is to take your formula 15 to 20 minutes before you leave. Since it contains a good portion of protein (without phenylalanine), it will satisfy your hunger until you arrive at home.

But don’t forget to dink it …


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