Dating when you have phenylketonuria

The lovers’ day is coming soon! It’s time to find a valentine and spend beautiful romantic moments together. Obviously, when we are already in a relationship, we can go directly to romantic moments! I’m lucky to have met the woman of my life a while ago, but the upcoming Valentine’s Day gave me the idea to write about it.

When I was looking for a partner (whether in person or on a dating website), I had to expect that the subject of phenylketonuria would inevitably be addressed eventually. Was it always good? Here’s how I managed in 5 points!

  1. I am a vegetarian: I always openly presented myself from the beginning as a vegetarian who gets along well with a carnivore! To present oneself as such allows to learn a lot about the other from the beginning. Is she ready to share moments with a vegetarian? Maybe she is one, too? However, some people just can’t deal with vegetarians!

  2. I did not mention it in instant messaging: Let’s face it, very few people know what phenylketonuria is. Talking about this in an online discussion can only lead to problems! I guarantee you that the person on the other end of the online conversation will take a few minutes to type « phenylketonuria » on Google … And most of the information found there is medical, cold, non-contextual, in short, it will scare everyone.

  3. I waited for the second meeting in person before talking about it: If possible. I wanted them to first get to know me, to understand who I am. However, it’s rarely happened, because human beings are very curious by nature. If they ask you questions, it is always better to be honest!

  4. I did not hide my cooking skills: The majority of people love to eat! And as I have often mentioned, having phenylketonuria makes us very good cooks very early. Making dinner (vegetarian or even two dinners, a veggie and carnivore) to a new flame is a winner!

  5. Being a vegetarian (and PKU) is a strength and I am proud of it: I was never ashamed to be a PKUer or a vegetarian, so I discussed it with conviction, pride and confidence. These two lifestyles are great for health and we have nothing to envy from anyone else. If someone you just met can not understand that, they probably do not deserve you!

That being said, it’s my personal experience. 🙂 How is it going (or was) for you?



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