Dating someone with phenylketonuria

A few days ago, I promised you not one article about Valentine’s Day, but two! As today is the great day of love, it is with great pleasure that my girlfriend has agreed to give her opinion on phenylketonuria and our relationship.

I met Tristan on a dating site. I contacted him first (yes, girls can make the first move, too 😉 ). His way of describing himself on his profile had immediately piqued my interest. He presented himself as someone positive, passionate, artistic. He also immediately mentioned that he was a vegetarian, which did not stop me from contacting him, even though I like meat and I do not plan to stop eating it altogether. On the other hand, I regularly eat vegetarian meals, and I even introduced myself to him as a part-time vegetarian! 😛

The first time I wanted to know more about his diet, I asked him by instant message if he had been a vegetarian for a long time. He simply wrote, “I’ve always been”. So I asked if it was for health reasons instead of by choice. His answer? A simple « yes ». I understood at that point that he did not want to elaborate more by text messaging, and I knew that we would have the opportunity to talk more about it during our in-person meetings. 🙂

Phenylketonuria is not an obstacle in our little family. We always find ways to adapt our meals so that everyone can find something satisfying. On one of our first dates, Tristan cooked me an excellent meal. Asian salad, steamed vegetables and for me, garlic shrimp. That showed me that even though he did not eat the same thing as me, he had no problem cooking for others.

It is clear that in meeting the man of my dreams, the fact that he has a condition could never have stopped me from falling in love with him. And although I was slightly worried that our future children would have the same condition, it did not stop me! Basically, no matter the challenges or health issues, the day you meet the right person, nothing else matters.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers!


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