Phenylcetonurie Quebec’s Priorities

I have always tended to take a lot of projects at once, to say yes almost to all ideas or offers, to keep busy until I reach a stage where I have to cut some stuff to try to relax a few days.

I started Phenylcetonurie Quebec in order to share my experience of #phenylketonuria with the world and especially to highlight the positive aspects of this condition. I have invested a lot in this project and I love it as much as the small community we have built together.

On the other hand, as I suggested at the beginning, I have a lot of projects and, as you will probably guess by seeing the cover picture of this article, a very big event is pointing the tip of its little nose in my life. Yes, I will be a dad.

To take the time to play my new role seriously, I will put a soft pedal on Phenylcetonurie Quebec (very soft). I noticed over the months that most of my audience is on Facebook. As a result, I am going to close my Instagram and Twitter accounts to focus only on the blog and Facebook. I hope to focus my efforts and free up some time.

The Phénylcétonurie Québec website, its Patreon account, as well as the Facebook page and the group will remain active.

I may be writing a few less articles, but I will always be here because this project and our community are very important to me.

Thank you for being a part of it!


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