How do I cope with phenylketonuria with the COVID-19 situation

We are living in very difficult times right now and it is essential to stick together (from a distance) and stay united. Thanks to the internet and technology, we can do it and stay in touch. How has the current pandemic affected phenylketonurics and their families? Personally, I have not noticed any particular impact that any other person could have, but maybe it is different for you? If so, I would like to know more. The PKU community too, I’m sure.

I was recently asked if I had problems with blood tests and access to therapeutic nutritional products. I am followed once a year by health professionals for phenylketonuria and for a blood sample. I had this appointment in January, so everything should be fine in January 2021 for the next appointment. However, I wanted to increase the frequency of blood tests to one every three months, but it seems that I will have to postpone this initiative. As for ordering products, I have not had to do it so far, but I will update this article if I have to order and encounter problems.

The impacts that I experienced were mainly on a social and professional level, like everyone else.

How to manage the slight depression that sets in with the lockdown?

Everyone reacts to having to stay home for safety reasons. Some with a more lonely temperament may have no problem following this measure while others could bite their nails every day. In all cases, it is important to find strategies to make everything more bearable.

THE 6 tips that I put into practice to get through the lockdown

  1. Take a walk when the weather is nice. It’s really the basics to get some air and sunshine as soon as possible in order to fill up on vitamin D and get active.
  2. Workout. Several fitness services and applications have adapted their plans so that you have access to workouts to do at home. Some are even free! Take advantage of them and move!
  3. Get dressed. It may sound funny, but the longer we stay at home, the more laziness might set in, especially if we spend the day in our pajamas! Take a minute to get dressed! There will only be one more step to workout or go for a walk.
  4. Get in touch with your friends and family. We are fortunate to live in an era where video conferencing services are easily accessible. Take the opportunity to chat with loved ones as often as possible. Make an appointment if necessary. I recently organized a family meeting on Messenger video and it was very beneficial for everyone! We are planning another one very soon.
  5. Work and have fun. Are you lucky enough to be able to telecommute? In this case, your days will already be full. Otherwise, it is important to find activities that will fill your schedule and change your mind.
  6. Plan your meals. Here is one that is excessively important for those with phenylketonuria. Thanks to my girlfriend who had this idea and forced me to do it for the whole family. With laziness and depression that can set in, two things can happen. You risk eating your emotions and worse, you could abandon the idea of ​​cooking and give in to the temptation to order food at the restaurant. A good way to counter this phenomenon is to plan your meals for the week. This way, you won’t have to wonder what to do as diner approaches, and you can cook your meal. Keep in mind that the easier the meal is to prepare, the more likely you are to stick to your schedule. 🙂
Running in the sun is a great way to stay in shape while changing your mind.

I am also lucky to have been able to organize a group « virtual cinema » evening, but unfortunately it is not within everyone’s reach. In terms of cinema, services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, ICI Tou.TV, etc. are welcome.

I’m the guy on the right. 😜

I hope everything is going well on your side. It is important not to panic and follow the recommendations carefully while trying to stay positive and keep busy. What are your strategies and activities to get through the lockdown? Don’t hesitate to tell me about it!

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