The diet can be easy to follow!

Phenylketonuria can be quite a challenge and sometimes seems overwhelming. As I have mentioned many times, one of the biggest obstacles one can encounter is without a doubt the lack of variety. Falling into an eating routine is indeed a danger that can make the diet very unpleasant. It becomes boring and less motivating to take care of yourself and your diet.

In a recent article, Spice things up by inviting Italy into the kitchen, I addressed this problem by giving three tips to promote variety and think carefully about your diet: knowing how to cook, not forgetting to take your formulas and above all, having a plan!

This last tip is as important as the first two, if not more. Planning your meals helps ensure variety and also ensures that you do not eat the same meal several times in a row. It’s a habit that my wife and I picked up on very quickly. Each Sunday, we write the different meals we want to eat on a board, so we can focus our groceries on the foods we really need. It also helps us save money! 😉

You would like to start planning your meals more, but not sure how to start? No problem, I invite you to watch this video which was created by Nutricia Metabolics. It is very complete and we find all the steps explained methodically to properly plan your week.

What do you think of these tips? I follow most of them personally and I can tell you that from a personal point of view, planning our meals in this way makes things much easier and more enjoyable. It has become a little date for us where we quickly discuss our diet, our tastes for the week and the best choices we should make for our health. I encourage you to give it a try and see if that helps you too.

To wrap up, did you notice the low protein recipe site in the video? This is I invite you to take a look at it too, because let’s not forget that knowing how to cook and being inspired is also very important to help with planning.

This article is presented in collaboration with Nutricia North America, but the ideas and recommendations are mine.

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