Not sure what to do with your PhenylAde GMP MIX-IN? You need to see these suggestions!

If someone asked me what one of the major problems I experienced with phenylketonuria was, I would answer without hesitation hunger. It is understandable: One of the most important factors of satiety is protein and it is precisely what we must reduce as much as possible in our diet. 

It is perfectly possible, however, as I have discovered over the years, to not feel hungry so often. In hindsight, I found that when it did happen, it was always due to a lack of planning related to outings, events or work. We won’t kid ourselves, the « quick » and « convenient » options tailored to phenylketonuria aren’t very numerous. It is therefore by preparing thoroughly that we can ensure that we always have a full belly and the number one tool to achieve this are the amino acid-based and glycomacropeptide (GMP)-based formulas. 

Did I mention this before? My favourite formula is without a doubt PhenylAde GMP MIX-IN. Why is that? Well, as the name suggests, you can mix it with just about anything! 

However, I was recently asked on Instagram what the best ways to use this formula would be. The « timing » was great because Nutricia Metabolics just so happens to have put together a booklet to give you some suggestions. 

Take a moment to check out this great little guide here and let me know which of these 3 options appeals to you the most. Have you ever tried any of these blends? Personally, I have to say that I have tried several and my favourite is… …

Oh no, I’m not telling, go see the booklet 😉 I am sure you will find these ideas excellent!

This article is presented in collaboration with Nutricia North America, but the ideas and recommendations are my own.

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