Super Bowl is nacho time

The Super Bowl is approaching and this event is synonymous with “food”! I just discovered this low protein nachos recipe that was shared on the “Nutrition pour les maladies métaboliques et héréditaires” Facebook group. Ingredients Cambrooke Tortillas Cambrooke Patty Mix Aquafaba (the liquid in cans of chickpeas) liquid smoke Canola oil (personally, I would opt … Lire la suite Super Bowl is nacho time

Phenylketonuria lands on Mastodon

Have you heard of Mastodon? Most likely. It's a small social network that has grown a lot in recent months because a lot of users disappointed with the turn of events on Twitter have migrated to it. Others followed out of curiosity (just like me). Being a Mastodon user myself since November 2022, I find … Lire la suite Phenylketonuria lands on Mastodon

#KetoPKU recipes | Konjac rice, “Dainty” style

Do you know the rice of the Dainty company? These are small cans that contain rice with a bag of flavor. It's really easy to make and they are excellent, especially pilaf rice. Unfortunately, rice is problematic for those who have phenylketonuria as it contains a lot of proteins. In addition, flavor bags are obviously … Lire la suite #KetoPKU recipes | Konjac rice, “Dainty” style

#KetoPKU Recipes | Cauliflower steak, celery root fries and asparagus

The #KetoPKU experience continues in a beautiful way with this ketogenic healthy meal that respects the phenylketonuria low protein diet! Asparagus Asparagus Avocado oil Salt and pepper Preparation: This is the simplest part of the meal. Cut and wash the asparagus. Spread them in a bowl or oven-safe pan. Brush with oil and sprinkle with … Lire la suite #KetoPKU Recipes | Cauliflower steak, celery root fries and asparagus

Teaching the basics to our PKU child

Do you have a child who has phenylketonuria? If so, you may have started explaining to them what this condition is and how to make the right choices for their health.  It can be quite a challenge! I myself have a 3-year-old daughter and I have a whole range of lessons to teach her. The … Lire la suite Teaching the basics to our PKU child

Product | The frozen discovery of the summer

As it is very hot in summer, it is always nice to find a small frozen snack, just to cool off between swimming and outdoor activities. Ice cream is delicious, but unfortunately it is a dairy product and it is prohibited for people with phenylketonuria. I was lucky enough to come across this wonderful product … Lire la suite Product | The frozen discovery of the summer

Pushing vegetarianism to the next level

We recently purchased a small machine that we are very proud of and happy to own. The OGarden Smart, the creation of a small Quebec company, has officially started in our kitchen! The process is very simple. After germinating sprouts for a few weeks in the compartment at the bottom of the machine, we were … Lire la suite Pushing vegetarianism to the next level

Let’s talk about phenylketonuria and bad mood

I was browsing on some Phenylketonuria Facebook groups, looking for inspiration, when I came across that question: what is the worst thing you've been told about phenylketonuria? I can tell you that all kinds of things came out, funny and less funny! But one answer in particular interested me. "Your phenylalanine levels must be high … Lire la suite Let’s talk about phenylketonuria and bad mood

The Importance of Diet for Life

This text was published in the magazine “News & Views | Issue 158” and is written by Suzanne Ford, RD (NSPKU) and Dr Ben Green, PhD., Medical Affairs Research Advisor (Nutricia). There are many helpline queries about diet for life – this article explains a little bit about what is now known about phenylalanine and … Lire la suite The Importance of Diet for Life

Pregnancy and PKU

On this International Women's Day, I would like to give the microphone, or rather the pencil, to a member of our social media community who wrote an article about her pregnancy experience while managing the difficulties of Phenylketonuria. We are both hopeful that this will inspire and confidence to many women and/or couples living with … Lire la suite Pregnancy and PKU