Recipe – Add flavour to your pasta with Nutricia!

I've mentioned it several times in the past: the best gift you can give a person with phenylketonuria is to teach them how to cook. This is extremely important to ensure a wide variety in our meals. Knowing how to juggle the flavours and low-protein foods that are available to us is essential.  On the … Lire la suite Recipe – Add flavour to your pasta with Nutricia!

BLT without B

I do not know anyone who does not like bacon. On the other hand, people living with phenylketonuria do not have the chance to enjoy it at lunch or even in these famous sandwiches BLT - bacon, lettuce, tomato, for the intimates. However, when I visited a few vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Montreal, I had the … Lire la suite BLT without B

My girlfriend’s Mexican rice

Do you like Mexican cuisine? Personally, it's not my favorite, but once in a while, it's pretty good. ... As long as beans and tortillas are not part of the equation! There are far too many proteins in these foods for phenylketonurics. But, it turns out that my girlfriend (let's call her ~M) made me … Lire la suite My girlfriend’s Mexican rice