Teaching the basics to our PKU child

Do you have a child who has phenylketonuria? If so, you may have started explaining to them what this condition is and how to make the right choices for their health.  It can be quite a challenge! I myself have a 3-year-old daughter and I have a whole range of lessons to teach her. The … Lire la suite Teaching the basics to our PKU child

The essential calculation

I do not like math. There, I said it. This is my personal opinion of course, but that subject has always seemed abstract to me and yet today, I use it every day professionally. And don't even talk to me about algebra. 😛 However, no one can escape it and especially not a person with … Lire la suite The essential calculation

5 reasons to participate in « Recettes faibles en protéines » workshops

Having Phenylketonuria also means facing a daily challenge - demonstrating culinary originality and continually reinventing one's diet. Indeed, I happen to fall into a certain routine where my meals begin to resemble one day to the other, which can become wearisome. However, there are resources to put a little life in our lunch boxes. I … Lire la suite 5 reasons to participate in « Recettes faibles en protéines » workshops

The problem with moving

In Quebec, July 1st of course marks Canada Day, but also a special day. Quebeckers will joke that it's also "moving day". Indeed, it is the time of year when it seems that all Quebeckers have given themselves the word to move at the same time. Sometimes we have to make a large move, for … Lire la suite The problem with moving