BLT without B

I do not know anyone who does not like bacon. On the other hand, people living with phenylketonuria do not have the chance to enjoy it at lunch or even in these famous sandwiches BLT – bacon, lettuce, tomato, for the intimates. However, when I visited a few vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Montreal, I had the chance to come across a « BLT wrap »  that replaced bacon with a magical ingredient and that, in reasonable quantities, does not contain much proteins.

Smoked coconut bacon imitation!

Until recently, I just had to order this BLT without B only when I went to a restaurant, but we recently discovered bacon coconut in a grocery store of natural food, Avril!

It is now possible to create this wonderful BLT sandwich (without B) at home (and it contains even less protein than the original, while being also delicious)!


  • Two slices of Cambrooke bread
  • 1 leaf of lettuce
  • 2 slices of tomato
  • Mayonnaise
  • Smoked coconut chips
  • Salt and pepper

The preparation is very simple. You just have to integrate all the ingredients in a sandwich by finishing with the coconut and adding salt and pepper, at your discretion.

Easy, isn’t it?

What? You could not find smoked coconut? No problem, I have a bonus for you: make it yourself with this easy recipe. 🙂

~ T

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