5 reasons to participate in « Recettes faibles en protéines » workshops

Having Phenylketonuria also means facing a daily challenge – demonstrating culinary originality and continually reinventing one’s diet. Indeed, I happen to fall into a certain routine where my meals begin to resemble one day to the other, which can become wearisome.

However, there are resources to put a little life in our lunch boxes. I think of Recettes faibles en protéines. It is a site for people who need to follow a low-protein diet managed by a nutritionist specialized in metabolic diseases.

But in addition to regularly providing excellent recipes, she also organizes cooking workshops! I had the chance to participate in one of these and, in light of my experience, I highly recommend them!

5 Reasons to Participate in Low Protein Recipes Culinary Workshops:

  1. Because this event is very well organized! Even though we cooked 4 meals simultaneously, everything was arranged so that we were on time.
  2. Because we meet lots of interesting people in the same situation. There were about 20 people present at the event I attended. Some were PKUers like me, but others were suffering from different metabolic diseases.
  3. Because we get help from Geneviève Lafrance, nutritionist behind the Recettes faibles en protéines page. Even though she had already bothered to measure all the ingredients in advance to make our lives easier, she strolled from table to table, ready to answer questions.
  4. Because it gives us the chance to meet specialists in the field. The event being sponsored by Nutricia North America, a representative was present on site to greet us and answer our questions.
  5. Because we can go back home with our delicious creations. Magical and succulent.

I had a great day at this event and I ate more than I should have. 🙂  If by chance one of these workshops is organized at a reasonable distance from home, do not hesitate to register!

You can also join Genevieve through her Facebook page.

~ T

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