The most convenient gift

Having phenylketonuria means dealing with several dietary peculiarities. First for parents, who must diligently follow their children’s low-protein diet until they become teenagers. Then, for the young phenylketonuric who will inevitably have to take charge and fend for himself in the kitchen.

This is why the most practical gift my mother gave me was being comfortable with cooking, knowing how to juggle recipes, food, and being responsible with my nutritional choices.

Sooner or later, like everyone else, phenylketonurics have to start making their lunches themselves, then find an apartment. Thus it is a good idea to get them interested in cooking from an early age and to involve them in meal planning. It allows them to develop a curiosity and a certain sense of taste that they will be happy to have later on.  

I know I do! 

As a phenylketonuric, I greatly appreciate being able to create complex meals and coming up with original ideas for preparing special low-protein foods. Since we are so limited in what we can eat, it is a highly valued skill that allows us to vary our diet a little bit more. Also, let’s not forget about the social aspect of eating with friends. The ability to cook any food (not just low-protein) will always be appreciated by everyone… and especially when you are dating. 🙂

We are fortunate to live in a time where several options are available for phenylketonurics, whether it is the wide variety of low-protein foods, the vegan products that have little protein (cheese for example) or the multiplication of recipes through social media and the Internet. Recettes faibles en protéines is a great example.

All you have to do is start cooking!

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